What Type Of Phones Do You Offer?

We support Polycom and Yealink phones and Mojo is a direct provider of the entire line of Yealink VoIP voice phones


What Is A User?

A user in the system refers to the person who will use the phone. A user is always connected to a SIP device, which can include a desktop VoIP phone, a smartphone app, a softphone on your computer or tablet, or a traditional fax machine (although our virtual fax solution is included for free on every plan).

How Much Are Your Phones?

There a few different classes of VOIP phones. The pricing per phone ranges depending on the class.

  • Basic phones are $80-$150
  • Executive phones are $135-$450
  • Conference phones are $380-$850

How Much Does A Phone Number Cost?

Each phone number you add to your phone system is $4/month ($5 if you are on a 1-4 user plan). This applies to both local and toll-free numbers. Inbound calls made to toll-free numbers carry a 1.9¢ per minute charge.

All of the PBX features including voicemail, auto-attendant, Paging, and a ton more are included with the exception of call recording. Call recording requires setting up an Amazon storage account. Amazon offers 5GB of storage for free for a year and additional storage for purchase.

How Much Do Additional Features Cost?

With us, you will only need one number. Mojo VoIP gives you unlimited channels, which is like having a roll over line for every call you receive. So you are now able to make and receive any number of simultaneous calls with one phone number and never ring busy.

You may need multiple phone numbers for call routing purposes. Calls can be routed from one phone number to any device on your system through extension dialing, but if you want the ability to receive calls directly on specific lines without sending calls through the auto-attendant then you will want additional phone numbers. You may also want additional numbers for marketing or call tracking purposes. If this is the case you may purchase as many as you need. The Mojo VoIP solution is the perfect way to manage the call routing and voice mail for as many phones and numbers as you need.

How Many Numbers Do I need?

Do You Support Smartphones or Softphones?